Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You need to get register with MT GLOBAL in two easy steps. Fill your basic information on our portal and you can make a transaction easily.

Yes on all transactions you need to provide ID irrespective of amount. One photo ID (Passport or Driving Licence), & a recent utilities bill.

Yes you can send money in account of any bank in destination country and it will reach there in next day( only IBFT enabled banks).

It depends on receiving country and service you choose.

In three easy steps you can make payment. You need to choose destination country, amount and then beneficiary.

Beneficiary needs to approach payout agent with Valid Photo ID like, Passport or Driving Licence and Pin Number. After necessary verification payout agent will pay cash to beneficiary.

Become an agent with MT Global.

If you want to become an Agent of MT Global, you will be required the following documents:

  1. Your Identity. (Scan copy of Passport / Driving Licence)
  2. Proof of Business Address. (Scan copy of Utility Bill/ Bank Statement)
  3. Proof of Address. (Residence) (Scan copy of Utility Bill)
  4. National Insurance Number. (Ni No.) (Scan Copy of NI Card)
  5. Contact Number. (Both Land line and Mobile)
  6. Certificate of Incorporation ( in case of Limited Company)

Bank Details

BARCLAYS BANK, A/C: - 03786048 ; S-Code: 20-06-05

MT Global do not accept credit card payments

BMO , A/C TITLE : MT Global, A/C # 0440 1998-711

Before transacting with MT Global you would either need to accept our online Terms & Conditions or complete or sign and return our Terms & Conditions together with a copy of your passport or driving licence and a copy of a recent bank or credit card statement or utility bill issued in the past 3 months.

MT Global Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Registration Number 565567.
Registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales Company No: 05623359.